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Services Nearby

Hotelli sijaitsee Kouvolan keskustassa alle 600 metrin päässä rautatieasemalta.

Services within 5-10 minute walk:

Bar Café Columbia. serves coffee and tasty homemade treats at the Kouvola railway station. Drinks also available. During summertime you can enjoy your beverages at our large outdoor terrace. 

Ravintola Olé. A Spanish restaurant just across the street from the hotel.

Casam. A small and idyllic lifestyle shop a few minutes away at the same street as the hotel. 

FunFit. A world class gym, FunFit, is located at Kouvolankatu 17, a few minutes away from the hotel.

Manski Promenade. The heart of downtown Kouvola with its many shops, shopping centres and services. 
Puolenkuun Pelit. The Halfmoon Games. The youth of the family will enjoy the computer/console/roleplaying game shop.

Teatteri Kuvaportti. A movie theater at Kouvolankatu 10.

Kouvola Market Hall. The traditional market hall atmosphere at the other end of the Kouvolankatu.

Urheilupuisto Swimming Hall is located 1,1 km away.

Kouvolan Icehall is located 800 meters away.

Museum neighborhood, Kouvola-house, and Kouvola Art Museum, Poikilo, are located 1,5 km away.

Services within 10-15 minute driving distance:

Mielakka Sports Center is located 3 km away.
Tykkimäki Amusement Park is located 5 km away. The park is open during summer.

Veturi Shopping Center/Mall The sixth largest shopping center in Finland is located on highway 6 only within a ten minute drive.

Services within 15-30 minute driving distance:

Pentik Factory Outlet is located at the Kymi Pavilion ca. 8 kilometers away.

Benjamin Farmers Market
 is in Kausala, ca. 17 kilometers away.

In the lands of the Mustila Mansion operate Mustilan Viini Oy ja Mustilan Nursery Garden. They are situated in Elimäki, 25 kilometers towards Helsinki. In Elimäki you can also find Alppiruusu Farmers Market.

World Heritage site and factory museum Verla is located 30 kilometers away.

Repovesi National Park with its diverse nature and outdoor activites are in one hour drive away.

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